Washing Machine Repairs Melbourne

Most homes have a washing machine, and most of us also tend to take this appliance for granted until it stops working. We presume that our washing machine will work at the push of a few buttons and rarely stop to think about how much wear and tear it suffers. 

In households that have more members, this appliance has to work even harder. So when it stops working, do not delay calling in professionals for washing machine repairs Melbourne. We at Appliance Repairs Pty Ltd. are a leading company in this industry and cater to clients across Melbourne.

No matter what kind of issues you are facing with your washing machine, we can help. Regardless of whether the spin isn’t working or the drainage isn’t functioning correctly, we have the skills, qualification, training as well as licensing to handle these jobs to industry standards. We always encourage our clients to call us for appliance repair as soon as they notice an issue.


Fixing the problem on time and not using the machine while it is malfunctioning is one of the best ways to ensure that it gets repaired quickly and the problem does not escalate. Our technicians are highly skilled and well trained. They can handle washing machine repairs of various leading brands including Bosch, Smeg, Miele, Westinghouse and more.

However, that isn’t all. Our technicians also handle careful preventive maintenance work, and this is something we recommend for all appliances. Providing repairs and parts for all these big brands, we can make sure that your washing machine is up and running within no time.


While we are focused on providing the best appliance repair services, we also offer our clients feedback and tips on how to keep their machines in good shape for many years. It is this attention to detail, customised approach and personalised solutions that set us apart from any other operators in this industry. 

Whether you have a top-loading washing machine front load, a portable or stackable washing machine, we can provide you with the best solutions. We take the time to inspect the machine thoroughly and diagnose the problem correctly. This approach allows us to provide our clients with appropriate solutions.


Most washing machines of the leading brands are built to provide years of service. However, there are times when they develop issues; some of the common ones include:

  • Washing machine does not spin
  • Leaking machine 
  • Dead machine where the appliance does not come on at all
  • Excessive vibration and noise
  • Improper water filling and draining 
  • Door not opening 

No matter how simple or complex the problem, our team has excellent diagnostic skills. Since we have worked on various brands and types of washing machines over the years, we know exactly how to handle each of all types of appliance repairs skilfully. We are always upfront with our suggestions and recommendations and handle every job honestly and transparently.


We never recommend repairs or replacement of components unless they are essential. We also do a thorough check on the washing machine’s parts and determine how old the appliance is before recommending any repairs. This is a crucial aspect of the job.

For example, a crucial component of your washing machine may not be functioning correctly and needs replacement. In that case, we will assess whether the appliance repair and parts’ replacement cost are worth it in an older washing machine. If not, we will provide you with our recommendations about the best solution.

We also cover all of our work with guarantees which means you can be sure that we will focus on completing the job correctly the first time around. In case the repairs are more involved, we also have a workshop where we can take the components or the appliance for washing machine repairs Melbourne. 


Appliance Repairs Pty Ltd. has been in the household appliance business for years.  We have studied the various brands and the problems that arise with them, and as a unified team we are able to service each one accordingly.  We are certified to deal with any machine and give you a proper evaluation as to a course of action that will be most beneficial to you and your household.

We offer a top of the line service of household appliances with great professional etiquette and courtesy.  We want to be remembered not only for getting a job done, but also for conducting ourselves professionally and giving our customers the customer service that will give them a new definition of being treated with respect. 

For more information about our washing machine repairs Melbourne, please contact Appliance Repairs Pty Ltd at 0418 199 435. You can also send us your queries through this Online Form, and we will contact you shortly.

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