Fridge Repairs Melbourne

A refrigerator has become one of the most valuable commodities of the modern household.  Unfortunately these, like everything else, have a potential of breaking and malfunctioning.  Does this sound like the story of a life you are living?  Well, don’t worry about it.  At Appliance Repairs of Melbourne we make it a personal goal to discuss and talk over all possible solutions to fix your broken appliance, and allow you to essentially ‘guide’ the project as to how you’d like it to be.  At Appliance Repairs we let the customer come first because of the amount of importance there is in letting you feel involved.  This is a gesture of trust to allow you to take a hands-on approach on issues that regard your home, and choose the path to an overall outcome.


We consult with our clients via telephone and listen open-heartedly to their problems.  From the problems that are gathered comes a fully agreed on plan of action that will lead to an overall satisfied customer.  We have an emergency 24 hour availability during the week and try our very best to be available at all times during the weekend.


We are a group of professionals who operate locally in the Melbourne area.  We are proud of our trade and value the people who work alongside us as well as the people we for.  We take our jobs seriously and provide a professional trade in exchange for a satisfied customer base that we can proudly claim we earned.  With every year we put a lot of effort to maintaining our standards on account of how far they have gotten us so far.  We don’t fear the competition we have, because our only focus is on satisfying out customers, and so far that has given us everything we need.

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